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05 Dec

Wellbutrin Generic

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women with depression symptoms early in pregnancy may be at heightened risk of delivering prematurely, a study published Thursday suggests. Researchers found that among 791 pregnant women they followed, those who were suffering from significant depression symptoms around the 10th week of pregnancy were twice as likely as non-depressed

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An antidepressant drug, Wellbutrin is effective for depressions and mood changes.

The drug can be used with food or without food. Only swallow the drug and never go for chewing or crushing or breaking the medicine as it should only be released slowly in the body. Always take the right dosages at the right time for good results. If you have not taken a dosage, leave it and proceed with the regular dosages.

Once your doctor decides to prescribe Wellbutrin, it is better to inform him about all your medical conditions. Discuss with the doctor if you have high blood pressure, heart attack, heart diseases, seizures and liver/kidney problems. Though it is not known if the drug can be harmful to the foetus, pregnant women should have to take the medicine only after consulting the doctor. While taking Wellbutrin, you should not feed the new born.

You have to be under the constant watch of your doctor as you may experience suicidal thoughts when taking the drug. So if you come across any mood changes, do not delay in contacting the doctor.

When you are on Wellbutrin medication, avoid alcohol as it can add to the risk of side effects. Better do not drive or perform any hard task as the drug is known to cause dizziness and also is known to impair the thinking.

Beware of the side effects. If you come across swelling, hives, mood changes, panic attack, thoughts about suicide, fever, headache, vomiting, tremors and appetite changes, contact the doctor immediately.

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