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05 Jan

Music Reduces Pregnancy Stress

- Forget pickles and ice cream. What do pregnant women really need to take the edge off? Brahms and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Music may reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression that many pregnant women experience. A study of 236 pregnant women in Taiwan shows that the participants who listened to music for 30 minutes per day for two weeks significantly reduced their stress, anxiety, and depression, compared with participants who did not. The study, conducted by researchers at the College of Nursing at Kaohsiung Medical University, was published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

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04 Jan

Top 5 Foods That Fight Stress

Your brain & body are amazing.

They come with a 24 hour, all natural, highly efficient pharmacy that dispenses the right drugs in the right amounts at the right times.

During stressful times, the brain & body produces bio-chemicals and hormones from this pharmacy that help you stay calm, alert, focused and elevate your mood.

One of these bio-chemicals is serotonin - a natural antidepressant and sleep aid.

We also have a supply of chemicals needed for focus and vitality. These little guys keep us alert, upbeat and give us an overall sense of well-being - they are called catecholamines.

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