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02 Jan

Don’t push your doctor for fast fix result with your premenstrual syndrome!

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Many women are being inappropriately treated when they have premenstrual syndrome with antidepressants, a British nonprofit has warned.
Jackie Howe - head of National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome (NAPS) said, “Premenstrual syndrome can make you feel depressed or even suicidal”. “But anti-depressant drugs can be strong and addictive, and anyone who takes them could end up with a record of mental health problems on their National Health Service file. Too many general practitioners spot that women are extremely down and emotional when they come in to see them, and hand out anti-depressant prescriptions without digging any deeper.”

According to NAPS, thousands of women have been misdiagnosed and treatment with clinical depression when their moods are actually linked to their menstrual cycles.

“For the rest of the month, these women are happy and positive people,” said Dr Nick Panay, who specializes in menstrual problems.

Also, many other women are correctly diagnosed, but doctors prescribe antidepressants anyway as a “quick fix.” According to Sarah Jarvis, spokesperson of women’s health for the World College of General Practitioners, the demand for a ‘quick fic’ comes from patients just as often as doctors.

“Women very often say ‘I need something to help me, and I need it now,” Jarvis said. “They are very busy, they want answers and they want solutions straight away. So doctors do reach for the prescription pad.”

Jarvis said that exercise, diet and changes in drug for birth control could be more effective to treat premenstrual syndrome in long-term basis. Her advises for suffering woman related to PMS to visit their doctors when they feel calm, rather than vulnerable and emotional.

“The most important thing [for women with severe PMS] is support from friends and family,” Panay said. “Because many women get mild [PMS], those with more severe symptoms are often dismissed as people who can’t cope. The reality is they are having a horrific time.”


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