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11 Nov

Bullied Children at high depression

THURSDAY, Oct. 23 — Women who are depressed early in their pregnancy run a higher risk of preterm delivery, the leading cause of infant mortality, a new study suggests. For the study, researchers interviewed 791 San Francisco-area women near their 10th week of pregnancy. Forty-one percent reported “significant” symptoms of depression, and 22 percent reported “severe”

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Children are of different matures. Some children look very innocent but some children have very rude nature. They create problems for the others due to their mode and nature. In the research it is also found that Bullied children suffer from high risk of depression after their adulthood age. Lucy Bowes said, bullied children at the age of 18 years have doubled depression cases reported frequently. This is just the explanation of connection and not explaining the cause and effects.

To investigate this research, 4000 children were included for this purpose. A questionnaire was asked about bulling from the children of age 13 and other children, at age 18, judged by the depression. About 15 percent of the children among 700 were depressed at the age of 18 years, who did bulling at the age of 13 years more than once in a week. In other 1440 children, 7 percent were depressed at 18 years who told that they did one to three times in six month duration at the age of 13 years. Only 5.5 percent children were depressed at 18 years who did not bulling ever.

Bulling children found their personality helpless and after a time period they don’t have any skills to stand up to bulling and they become depressed day by day. Bowes Said, sometimes children feel hesitation to complain against the bulling and left the school. So parents should discuss the children about the reason and should ask them about their relation with other friends. Parents should believe on the children when they complaint against bulling and also do complaints to the administration of school, she said.

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